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Its History, Uses and Effects
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Author(s) :
Richard Ashley
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
1976(pb,1st pr,vg+)
Publisher :
Warner Books
Freud and Pope Leo VIII Used It -- So Do a Lot of Today's Celebrities!

Cocaine. Is it a dangerous narcotic -- or a harmless high? Is it a wonder drug or a habit-forming poison.

From mean streets to penthouse suites, more Americans are "getting their kicks from cocaine". What is cocaine? How does it affect the body and brain? Is it really as safe as aspirin -- or as dangerous as heroin? And why does it cost $2000 an ounce? In this thoroughly researched, easy-to-read book you get the complete story of cocaine as a food, medicine, commodity and turn-on -- everything you need to know about America's new "in" drug that's given a new meaning to the expression "silver spoon."