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Confrontation with the Unconscious
Jungian Depth Psychology and Psychedelic Experience
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Scott J. Hill
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2013(pb,1st ed,f)
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Muswell Hill Press
Confrontation with the Unconscious intertwines psychedelic research, personal accounts of psychedelic experiences, and C. G. Jung's work on trauma, the shadow, psychosis, and psychospiritual transformation--including Jung's own "confrontation with the unconscious"-- to show the relevance of Jung's penetrating insights to the work of Stanislav Grof, Ann Shulgin, Ronald Sandison, Margot Cutner, among other psychedelic and transpersonal researchers, and to demonstrate the great value of Jung's penetrating insights for understanding difficult psychedelic experiences and promoting safe and effective psychedelic exploration and psychotherapy.

"Scott Hill's brilliant book presents a sophisticated analysis of how psychedelic experiences may be understood from the standpoint of Jung's archetypal psychology."
-- Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., author of The Unfolding Self and other books, including The Psychedelic Experience (with Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert)

"A perceptive and creative interface between the thought of Carl Jung and contemporary psychedelic research, now in its rebirth, by a scholar who skilfully articulates a profound comprehension of both realms of knowledge."
-- William A. Richards, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

"The Jungian insights Dr. Hill provides here are invaluable for clinicians working with acute psychedelic crises and the integration of difficult psychedelic experiences. They also shed light on the robust archetypal dynamics of all psychological transformation."
-- David Lukoff, Ph.D., co-president of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology and co-author of the DSM-IV category Religious or Spiritual Problem

"A landmark study ... timely, impeccably researched, and wisely conceived."
-- Sean Kelly, Ph.D., author of Individuation and the Absolute: Hegel, Jung, and the Path Toward Wholeness
-- Emily, LATimes