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Political Pharmacology: Thinking About Drugs
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Summer 1992, Vol 121 Number 3
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American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Mathea FalcoForeign Drugs, Foreign Wars
Peter ReuterHawks Ascendant: The Punitive Trend of American Drug Policy
Mark A.R. KleimanNeither Prohibition Nor Legalization: Grudging Toleration in Drug Control Policy
Ehan A. NadelmannThinking Seriously About Alternatives to Drug Prohibition
Jerome H. SkolnickRethinking the Drug Problem
Thomas SzaszThe Fatal Temptation: Drug Prohibition and the Fear of Autonomy
David C. LewisMedical and Health Perspectives on a Failing US Drug Policy
Mark Schlesinger and
Robert A. Dorward
Falling Between The Cracks: Failing National Strategies for the Treatment of Substance Abuse
Patricia G. EricksonRecent Trends in Canadian Drug Policy: The Decline and Resurgence of Prohibitionism
Dwight B. HeathUS Drug Control Policy: A Cultural Perspective
Jerri A. HuschCulture and US Drug Policy: Toward a New Conceptual Framework