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The Dead Sea Scrolls
A New Translation
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Michael Wise
Martin Abegg Jr.
Edward Cook
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Harper San Francisco
From a new generation of Dead Sea Scrolls scholars, here is a fresh look, including the most recently released texts, at the scrolls. Michael Wise, Martin Abegg, Jr., and Edward Cook unlock the secrets and rich mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the most comprehensive translation ever published for the general reader in any language.

"This work of translation and interpretation will be of immense value to the scholar and general reader alike. The commentary provided by the authoris is illuminating and accessible and their translation into english of some of the scrolls for the first time will give us all a chance to evaluate these controversial documents -- and perhaps, lay to rest some of the wilder theories that have been evolved about the Qumran sect in recent years. It will thus aid our understanding of the religious imagination in all its complexity."
-- Karen Armstrong, author of A History of God and Jerusalem

"A remarkable feat. The aurhors, all three quite young...cover more texts than any other English translation published to date, and usually offer the right solutions to knotty problems typical of the scrolls, with analogies to current religious experience. Here is a translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls that pastors and layfolk can read and understand."
-- James A. Sanders, president, Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center

"The Dead Sea Scrolls are not just for scholars anymore. They are here in a book that anyone can understand. Read these texts. Hidden in their caves, they survived the ravages of time and decay, to speak to us today across two thousand years. Read these texts. In them we glimpse the pluralism of their contemporary Judaism countering alike both Hellenistic internationalism and Roman imperialism. Read these texts. They ahve survived their authors and will survive us, their readers. At least, then: Read these texts."
-- John Dominic Crossan, provessor emeritus, DePaul University, and author of The Historical Jesus