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Designer Drugs
Researchers, narcotic detectives, physicians, underground chemists, black market dealers, and users speak out
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M. M. Kirsch
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1986(pb,1st ed,f-)
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CompCare Publications
"Designer drugs"-manmade synthetics that mimic the effects of the classic street drugs, but can be 1,000 times stronger - are being cooked up by unscrupulous chemists across the country.

First-hand reports and no-holds-barred in-person interviews are presented for the first time ever in this book. Gripping scenarios reveal the growing hazards of the newest, deadliest menace on the drug scene...
...the doors have been thrown wide open to these new drugs;
...bootleg recipes are easily bought;
...clandestine labs are being set up in a few days' time.

First time I did China White I thought it was cocaine. I snorted it, got the sweats and vomited. Did it later on. Then I went to prison...a long story. In prison you take anything you can get.
-- Recovering female addict
-- White, early 20s, upper income

We got one dealer selling a kit with 10 balloons (synthetic heroin) and a bindle of cocaine for an antidote! That way they die just wired to the gills.
-- Drug Enforcement Administration
-- Crime lab chemist

There's a Demerol look alike called MPPP, which was uncontrolled and could be sold on the streets without any fear of prosecution. . . . We began seeing young addicts literally frozen overnite. . . . They looked 70 or 80 years old with Parkinson's disease.
-- Dr. William Langston
-- Senate Subcommittee Hearings, 1985