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Drawing It Out
Befriending the Unconscious
A Contemporary Woman's Psychedelic Journey
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Sherana Harriette Frances
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2001(pb,1st ed,vg+)
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Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
"I do not know of any single document illustrating the extraordinary healing and transformative potential of psychedelics in a way that matches in its importance this book by Harriette Frances and the unique illustrations that accompany it. Her ability to find artistic expression for the images from the depth of her psyche is truly extraordinary."
-- Stanislav Grof, M.D., former President, International Transpersonal Association and Scholar-in-residence, Esalen Institute. Author, LSD Psychotherapy.

"Powerful art draws on both rich experience and the depths of the psyche, and the art of (Sherana) Harriette Frances is a superb example of this process. I have shown her work in numerous lectures and find that her evocative images of her dramatic inner transformations always delight and astound. I am delighted that she is making the full sequence of her images available to the public."
-- Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Philosophy, University of California at Irvine. Author, The Spirit of Shamanism.

"Harriette Frances' series of drawings is far and away the most illuminating, as well as exceptionally skillfully rendered, representations of inner states that I know. The progression of images and the accompanying descriptions make it possible to appreciate the depth of her personal experience as well as its universality."
-- James Fadiman, Ph.D., Cofounder and Professor, The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology; former Director Institute of Noetic Sciences. Author, The Other Side of Haight.

"The story of Harriette Frances is unique, and the artwork that charts her self-transformation is remarkable. Bringing them together in one book will produce a landmark product that will intrigue and astonish a large body of eager readers."
-- Stanley Krppner, Ph.D., Prof. of Psychology, Saybrook Institute Graduate School and Research Center, San Francisco; President, Division of Psychological Hypnosis, American Psychological Assoc. Author, Human Possibilities.

"We live in a culture largely preoccupied with material gain and self interest, creating the inability to understand the true potential of psychedelic substances and our inherent spiritual nature. Harriette Frances, through her initial psychedelic experience, recognized and was able to express in drawings much self-knowledge which arose from a deep source of understanding within her. Discovery of this source permitted a continual practice of self-revelation, confirming the awesome wisdom and vitality at the core of the human being. Her revelations should give great hope to all those seeking understanding and fulfillment."
-- Myron Stolaroff, author of: Thanatos to Eros: Thirty-five Years of Psychedelic Exploration, and The Secret Chief: Conversations with a Pioneer of the Underground Psychedelic Therapy Movement.