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Eduardo El Curandero
The Words of a Peruvian Healer
Rating :
Author(s) :
Eduardo Calderón
Richard Cowan
Douglas Sharon
F. Kaye Sharon
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
1999(pb,rev ed,fine)
Publisher :
North Atlantic Books
A fascinating glimpse at a day in the life of a Peruvian shaman, Eduardo el Curandero relates the philosophies of a Peruvian shaman and illustrates the medicinal use of natural drugs. This revised version of Eduardo el Curandero includes an updated preface, an 'in memoriam' section devoted to the life Eduardo Calderňn, and new photographs of Eduardo's healing artifacts.

"Here is a book to read and re-read. Eduardo el Curandero is not only a vivid portrait of a man of knowledge, but also a poetic evocation of the rhythms of good and evil, sickness and health. A fascinating document."
-- George Leonard, author of The Transformation and The Silent Pulse

"The question of Western medicine regarding the wholeness or healthiness of the shamanistic personality must be put to rest in the presence of such healers as Eduardo."
-- Charles Poncé, author of Kabbalah: An Introduction and Director of the Labyrinthos Foundation

Douglas Sharon, Ph.D. in Anthropology from UC Berkeley, serves as director at the San Diego Museum of Man and has done decades of research in Peru, Mexico, and Ecuador. He is the author of Wizard of the Four Winds: A Shaman's Story (Free PRess, 1982), and Sorcery and Shamanism: Curanderos and Clients in Northern Peru (University of Utah Press, 1993).

Richard Cowan, M.A. in Anthropology and Public HEalth from UC Berkeley, serves as executive director for Legal Assistance for SEniors in Oakland, California. He directed the film Eduardo the Healer in 1978.

Eduardo Calderňn is a Peruvian artist, fisherman, and healer. He died in 1996.