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Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
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Author(s) :
Scott Cunningham
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Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
1992(pb,1st ed,14th pr,fine)
Publisher :
Cambridge University Press
In ancient times plants were gods and goddesses; spirits and magicians lived within gnarled oaks and whispered from flowers. Our ancestors discovered the forces present in plants and harnessed them to improve their lives.

Today the weeds and wildflowers that grace our cities and wildernesses, the ornamental and food plants in our gardens, even common house plants still possess incredible powers. Magical herbalism is the use of these powers.

"Scott Cunningham's herbal has lit the sparks of inspiration for a great many herbalists seeking further knowledge. Considered an essential reference book by students of herbalism and magick alike, the lore within this book is enjoyable to read and the knowledge is sound. Scott's personable charm touches every page and brings magick to the reader. I highly recommend this book."
-- Paul Beyerl, author of The Master Book of Herbalism and A Wiccan Bardo.

"I love books like this--a book for people to use and study. It is accessible, easy to read, and with its encompassing index (all too often neglected), simple to use as well. Scott Cunningham definitely has a knack for gathering information and giving us the tools to incorporate it into our lives. With his magic books and mine, what wondrous healings could be attained. . . ."
-- Jeanne Rose, author of Herbs & Things and The Herbal Studies Course