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The Essential Confucius
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Translator(s) :
Thomas Cleary
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Harper Collins
"Cleary's ingenious method for rearranging Confucius's aphorisms makes their import shine through with exceptional clarity."
-- Huston Smith, author of The World's Religions

"Cleary has brought Buddhist, Taoist, and I Ching texts from Chinese into English with the energy of a person carrying antique furniture out of a burning house. He has translated or retranslated more sacred texts from Chinese than any scholar this century. His books, full of the ancients' advice, speak to a large, spiritually hungry audience."
-- San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

"Thomas Cleary's translation of Sun Tzu's 2,000-year-old The Art of War makes immediately relevant one of the greatest Chinese classical texts. There's not a dated maxim or vague prescription in it. To win without fighting is best, Sun Tzu said. For him, war was coeval with life. Absorb this book, and you can throw out all those contemporary books about management leadership."
-- Newsweek

"His beautifully lucid translations . . . transcends the limitations of its culture to reveal universal and timeless practices that awaken awareness and clarify the mind."
-- June Singer, author of Seeing Through the Visible World