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Essential Sufism
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James Fadiman
Robert Frager
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"The Sufis have helped to open the world's heart. James Fadiman and Robert Frager have been loving and teaching this material for many years. The range and depth of understanding here is amazing. This is a new resource, a treasure of jewels in the tradition of Sufi soul-work. I really love and value this book."
-Coleman Barks, author of The Essential Rumi

"Whatever you have in your mind - forget it; whatever you have in your hand - give it; whatever is to be your fate - face it!" - Abu Sa'id ibn Abi-l-Khayr

"The thing we tell of, can never be found by seeking, yet only seekers find it." - Bayazid Bistami

"The Sufis are folk who have preferred God to everything, so that God has preferred them to everything."

"I have heard tell of a seeker who went to ask a sage for guidance Oon the Sufi way. The Old man said to him: 'If you have never trodden the path of love, go away and fall in love; then come back and see us.'" - Anonymous

"According to many Sufis, the essential truth of Sufism exist in all religions. The foundation for all mysticism includes the outer forms of religious practice, plus a life based on moral and ethical principles. The roots of the tree of religion are founded in religious law. . . . The brances of the tree are mysticism. . . . The fruit of the tree is the Truth, or God."
- from the Introduction