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The Field Guide To Mushrooms
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William S. Thomas
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2003(pb,1st ed,fine)
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Sterling Publishing
If you want to identify mushrooms of all kinds, then this is the book you must have at your fingertips. You would have to hike across the country through fields and woods--for days on end in every season--to locate all the species that are described and meticulously illustrated in this guide. There is the orange Cantharellus which grows on the ground and on rotten wood; the pretty, pale-violet Cortinarius, which thrives among leaves; and the poisonous Entoloma, which is common around NEw York City; to name but three of the species included. You will even learn how to cook with mushrooms using the delicious recipes provided.

Based on the Field Book of Common Mushrooms by William S. Thomas, this guide has been revised and updated by artist and myco9logist Marie F. Heerkens.