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Fungi of Britain and Europe
New Generation Guide
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Stefan Buczacki
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University of Texas Press
The Directory section gives
  • over 1,300 colour paintings of fungi
  • extensive information on the appearance, size, colours and other features necessary for the identification of fungi, giving emphasis both to field characters and essential microscopic details.
  • descriptive notes on their habitats and substrates
The Natural History section brings the mysterious world of the fungi to our fascinated attention. It tells how fungi live, feed, reproduce, spread and survive through periods of adverse conditions. It is an account of their important but generally unappreciated roles in all natural ecosystems, and of their significance, both beneficial and detrimental, for the existence of many other living things, both plant and animal. Whether read as a story, or dipped into, it explains what we see fungi doing and the almost invariably hidden reasons why they are doing it.