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Why we are losing
The Great Drug War
And Radical Proposals That Could Make America Safe Again
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Author(s) :
Arnold Trebach
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
1987(pb,1st US ed,fine)
Publisher :
MacMillan Publishing Company
"This is a book crammed with thoughtful, carefully argued, intelligent observations about the complex issue of intoxicant use. But more than anything else, it is the sense a reader gets at once of Dr. Trebach's sincerity and objectivity that allows the reader to settle into learning about this hot issue without worrying about the author's bias, an achievement in a field characterized by dissension and contradictions."
-- Dr. Norman Zinberg, Director of Psychiatric Training at Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School

"Clearly, a masterpiece."
-- H.B. Spear, Chief Inspector, Drugs Branch, Home Office

"A remarkably illuminating, well-informed book, integrating in one volume the most useful material that has been gathered by experts over the past two decades."
-- Roy Childs, Inquiry

"At last the challenge of heroin to wise medical, legal and social policies is seen as a whole. Trebach writes carefully, vigorously and well; but the distinctive features of this book are that it is comprehensive and that it avoids the usual sensational positions that characterize so much of the literature on heroin."
-- Norval Morris, professor of law, University of Chicago

"The best book in the drug abuse field for many years...and certainly the best ever published for American readers on the British system of addiction control and treatment....Trebach knows both systems thoroughly and criticizes both of them when they have it coming."
-- Alfred R. Lindesmith, Indiana University

"A blockbuster."
-- Publishers Weekly