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A Reader
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Charles S. Grob
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2002(pb,1st ed,f-)
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Tarcher / Putnam
"This fascinating collection of thoughtful articles about psychedelics and their potential uses in medicine, psychiatry, and spiritual practice is full of colorful history, tales, facts, and speculations. Whether you favor or oppose the use of these mind-manifesting substances, you will find this anthology engaging and informative."
-- Andrew Weil, M.D.

"The contributors tot his marvelous book represent some of the most prominent figures in a controversial field, and the introductory comments by Charles Grob are authoritative, perceptive, and wise. Hallucinogens paints, with vivid brushstrokes, a vision of human potential that has yet to be fully incarnated."
-- Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

"A tremendously useful collection of writings, ranging from medicine and anthropology to literature and spirituality, on substances that evoke interest and inspiration in some, while provoking fear and disapproval in others. The editor and publisher should be congratulated on their judicious selection of fair-minded observations and reasonable discussions on a highly charged topic."
-- Ralph Metzner, Ph.D.

"Dr. Grob has collected in one volume some of the most significant articles on the history, sociology, psychology, politics, anthropology, theology, biochemistry, and ethnobotany of hallucinogens across time and space. His book is stimulating, authoritative, thought-provoking and highly informative. It will be a classic that will endure for many years."
-- Marlene Dobkin de Rios, Ph.D.

"A fascinating volume that sheds light on a topic that has been kept in the dark for too long. Hallucinogens is a treasure trove of information on the promises and pitfalls of the use of psychedelics and presents a balanced view of the benefits and challenges of scientific research. It offers a refreshing perspective on the healing potentials of these powerful medicines."
-- Francis Vaughan, Ph.D.

"This is drug education at its best--honest, engaging, and well grounded in science, history, and comparative religion."
-- Jeremy Narby

"This is a remarkable collection of experiences, observations, and writings, all from a number of pioneer explorers in the area of hallucinogens. Some of the commentators are well-known and some of them are strangers, at least to me. All are articulate and honest. Indeed, a remarkable collection."
-- Alexander T. Shulgin, Ph.D.