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Handbook of Medicinal Plants
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Editor(s) :
Zohara Yaniv
Uriel Bachrach
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
2005(pb,1st ed,vg)
Publisher :
Haworth Press
This essential volume explores state-of-the-art developments in botanical medicine, looking at ethnobotany, new technologies, and the latest botanical applications in modern medicine. Experts from around the world provide vital information on natural products and herbal medicines--from their earliest relevance in various cultures to today's cutting-edge biotechnologies. The Handbook of Medicinal Plants examines:
  • recent research and development in Chinese herbal medicine
  • modern screening methods that evaluate the efficacy of medicinal plants
  • new developments relating to in vitro cultivation
  • prevention and therapy of cancer and other diseases using medicinal plants
  • the challenges and threats to medicinal plant research today
  • new trends in phytomedicine
"A state-of-the-art source of information for researchers and educators....highly recommended. The handbook includes a concise account of the latest developments in the field. It begins with an introductory chapter followed by several sections representing the history of medicinal plants in different cultures, the technologies in medicinal plant research, and the latest developments in medicinal applications. In a final chapter, it discusses the hopes, dangers, and challenges involved in carrying out research in this multidisciplinary area."
-- Fereidoon Shahidi, Biochemistry Research Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

"Provides new, important, and valuable information to all those interested in herbal medicine. Clinicians can find modern approaches for treating patients. Readers interested in the traditions prevailing in different parts of the world and the current use of plants can enrich their knowledge. The book covers the use of herbal medicines throughout history in China, Australia, the Americas, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. It also addresses the latest technologies in production and breeding, crop improvement, farming, etc., with special focuses on groundbreaking advances in the medical application of therapeutic herbs."
-- Eli Putievsky, Head, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel

"Comprehensive....Addresses many diverse topics related to various aspects of the traditional and modern uses of medicinal plants in an unprecidented manner, furnishing the reader with valid knowledge through a treasury of scientific information under one cover. Each chapter is full of recent reviews, new information, and novel ideas."
-- K. Hunsu Can Baser, Professor of Pharmacognosy, Anadolu University, Turkey