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The Heroin User's Handbook
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Author(s) :
Francis Moraes
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
2001(pb,1st ed,fine)
Publisher :
Loompanics Unlimited
Heroin has traditionally been referred to as "The Hardest Drug." There were soft drugs, hard drugs, and the hardest drug -- heroin. Even amongst heavy drug users, heroin was often a taboo. "Any drug is worth trying -- except heroin."

But over the last three decades, things have changed. The purity of street-level heroin has increased twenty fold (20 times), allowing users to snort and smoke it, whereas they were previously forced to inject. As a result, more people are experimenting with heroin than ever before.

The larger number of heroin users has not translated into more knowledge about this drug, however. That is where The Heroin User's Handbook comes in. This book explains everything that a heroin user needs to know. It dispels the myths that surround heroin and replaces them with accurate and objective information.

The Heroin User's Handbook provides critical information that will save lives and allow users to avoid addiction. the book includes:
  • Navigating the heroin subculture
  • Avoiding addiction
  • Safe injection techniques
  • Smoking and snorting procedures
  • Chemically purifying street heroin
  • Dealing with the legal system
  • Social aspects of heroin use
  • Detoxing yourself
  • And much more
The author, Francis Moraes, is also the author of The Little Book of Heroin and The Little Book of Opium and the publisher of the Heroin Helper website. He brings a unique outlook to the study of heroin -- neither glorifying nor demonizing the drug, but just providing people with "the straight dope" on heroin.