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The Human Brain
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Raphael Mechoulam
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Academic Press
The fourth edition of The Human Brain is a core introductory neuroscience text that describes the structure and function of the brain and nervous system. Already known for its illustrations and readability, the enhanced graphics and the clear and concise writing in The Human Brain, fourth edition, foster easy comprehension of the information. Illustrations and brain images, now in full color, clearly portray structure-funcion processes and brain activity.

New to this edition:
  • Over 500 full-color illustrations and photographs provide a more comprehensive representation of concepts.
  • Two new chapters on electroical signaling by neurons and synaptic transmission provide key coverage of neuronal activity.
  • Expanded coverage of neurophysiology provides an integrated presentation of neurological mechanisms.
  • New clinical content has been added to depict neurological disorders, providing real-life applications of concepts.
  • Summary statement headings describe and summarize key section concepts.