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The Human Mind Explained
An Owner's Guide tothe Mysteries of the Mind
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Susan A. Greenfield
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A Henry Holt Reference Book
The human brain not only controls every aspect of our lives,from essential functions such as breathing and maintaining correct blood pressure to making our muscles move, but it also houses our inner world of thought and consciousness. Concise, clear language and lavish illustrations make The Human Mind Explained the perfect guide for young people and adults eager to explore the wondrously complex workings of the brain.

The Human Mind Explained
  • Uses hundreds of new and exciting full-color graphics that bring subjects into clear focus.

  • Includes the latest ideas and discoveries about the human brain.

  • Employs numberous examples from everyday life and comparisons to the animal world to demonstrate how the mind works.

  • Shows with case histories what happens when an aspect of the mind malfunctions.

  • Uses a unique cross-referencing system to make connections between related topics.