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Keep Off the Grass
The Classic Report on the Medical Hazards of Marijuana
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Gabriel Nahas
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1979(pb,rev ed,vg,s),1990(pb,5th ed,f-)
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Paul S. Eriksson
Keep off the grass, considered a classic, is written by one of the world's most knowledgeable scientists on the subject. It has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch and Swedish. In it, Dr. Nahas tells
  • exactly what marijuana is and just how addictive it is;
  • what its surrogates--hashish, cannabis and THC--are;
  • the history of marijuana and how its use eroded ancient civilizations;
  • what the Surgeon General's warning says about marijuana;
  • its scientifically proven damaging effects upon lungs, reproductive function, immunity system, and primarily the brain.
  • how marijuana differs from alcohol and tobacco;
  • why it is the "gateway drug" to heroin and cocaine;
Dr. Gabriel Nahas describes the damaging biological effects associated with the marijuana habit. They impair the formation of basic chemicals essential for the orderely division of our cells, for the normal transmission of heredity, and for the preservation of memory. If we remain ignorant of these effects, we too may lose our instinct for self-preservation!