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Healing and Harmony, Symbolism, Ritual, and Folklore, Traditions of East and West
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Author(s) :
Frank J. Lipp
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
1996(pb,1st us ed,fine)
Publisher :
Little, Brown and Company
A richly illustrated and uniquely comprehensive guide to herbalism, this book traces the histories of medicinal plants in different cultures, with special emphasis on their collection, their cultivation, their uses, their symbolism, and the light that they shed on a vast spectrum of traditions and beliefs.

  • Presents a unique pictorial record of herbalism, with specially commissioned botanical artworks and over 200 full-color illustrations, including art, artifacts, plant portraits, and documentary photos from around the world.

  • Features a directory of key herbal plants which combines information on gathering, storage, preparation, and current usage.

  • Includes medicinal recipes and a guide to using herbs in aromatherapy, perfume, and cosmetics.

  • Explores herbal healing around the world, with a special section on healing in the East that focuses on Chinese and Ayurvedic treatments.

  • Concludes with a reference section on tinted paper, including a gazetteer which summarizes the role of plants in mythology and folklore across the world.