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LSD, Man & Society
The facts about LSD soberly stated and analyzed by nine authoritative scientists
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Richard C. DeBold
Russell C. Leaf
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1970(hb,1st ed,4th pr,vg+/vg-)
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Wesleyan University Press
  • Has some interesting transcripts from a symposium in 1967. It's interesting to get a first-person conversational view of some of the timely issues related to psychedelics.
"The basic merit of this deceptively thin volume on an immense subject is its authenticity. Scientific honesty and clarity enhances the merits. It is a colleciton of presentations at Wesleyan's symposium on LSD in March 1967. All problems connected with the use and abuse of LSD (theories, motivation, research, effects, etc.) are discussed, as well as the chemistry, pharmacology, and history. Good editing has preserved the liveliness of the taped persentations and audience reactions. There is hardly any standard work of the same scope and scientific value to compare the present work with. . . . Journalistic sensationalism has blown the effects of psychedelics into an oversized, colorful balloon, with practically no substance. A book like this was sorely needed to fight phony mysticism and definite danger with hard medical facts. The nine contributors are well-known authorities in their fields. They state unequivocally that LSD is dangerous for public consumption; that competent research is the only legitimate excuse for its use; and that more research is needed. Good bibliography; regrettably, no index. Highly recommended."
-- Choice: Books for College Libraries

"Authoritative answers to many questions about the nature and effects of psychedelic drugs. . . ."
-- Playboy

"By presenting what is known, as well as frank, nonmoralistic discussion of issues posed by those for whom LSD has attractions, the Wesleyan symposium makes a valuable contribution."
-- Science