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LSD The Problem-Solving Psychedelic
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Author(s) :
Peter Stafford
Bonnie Golightly
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
1967(pb,1st ed,vg-)
Publisher :
Award Books
More exciting than the gaudiest psychedelic trip are the dramatic, problem-solving breakthroughs documented in this unique investigation of the positive uses of LSD.


- A team of doctors studying the effects of LSD on severe alcoholics finds rates of cure as high as 50%

- A young college student applies LSD to a learning situation and teaches himself enough German in one week to qualify for the second-year course he wants to take.

- An American Naval officer, working for years on a submarine detection device, finds the solution in ten minutes after approaching the problem through LSD.

- A compulsive gambler is cured of his obsession; a woman tormented by frigidity experiences sexual fulfillment for the first time; a confirmed homosexual discovers the true nature of his sexual drive; a celebrated writer breaks the creative block that has inhibited his work--each as a result of the LSD experience.

- In the treatment of mental illness (for which LSD has been called an ideal tool); in the treatment of problem children (whom LSD has been able to reach when all other techniques have failed); in the treatment of psychosomatic illness (including unexpected cures for asthmatic and bronchial conditions).

- In treatment of the terminally ill; in cases of chronic depression, in situations of marital incompatibility.

- In understanding and faith, in an era when "God is Dead" has become a catch phrase and the fabric of society looks increasingly threadbare.

- In awareness of the special properties of the most powerful drug known to man; in knowledge of what it may mean to the individual, and to society--today and in the years to come.