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K. A. Cole
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Dog Ear Publishing
Krystle Cole was only eighteen when she met Gordon Todd Skinner, an LSD chemist and DEA informant. Todd and his partners had an LSD lab in a missle silo located near the Cabaret, in Topeka, Kansaas, where she worked as an exotic dancer. Kansas has a nonexistent nightlife compared to that of the San Francisco bay area where this group, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, originated and consequently some of them ended up frequenting her club. Before long, she fell in love with Todd and began traveling around the United States with him.

Krystle had known Todd for six months when he turned in his partner William Leonard Pickard to the DEA in exchange for complete immunity. The newspapers said that it was the largest LSD lab ever busted in the United States. It produced about 90% of the world's supply and brought in millions of dollars each month.

Throughout her time with them, Krystle took many rare psychedelics such as Mescaline, Ergot wine, DMT, ALD-52, 2-CI, and others. She explains what each substance felt like and how it spiritually impacted her life afterward.