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The Magic Cantina
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Author(s) :
Robert Leach
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Vast Sky Press
The author embarked upon a long trek through Mexico's Yucatan penninsula. His journey would eventually lead him to Palenque, a sacred Mayan archaeological site hidden in the remote and rugged tropical highlands of Chiapas. There, at the Pyramid of the Inscriptions, extraordinary lines of fate and influences would converge, opening a door to another reality. The author recorded his remarkable experiences in a small travel diary.

The Magic Cantina chronicles a strange, timeless, and ultimately cosmic voyage. Many who have read the diary's terse and often cryptic pages report experiencing a profound sense of expanding space and time. This happens only because it was from such a state of cosmic boundlessness that many of the diary's entries were written. The Magic Cantina invites repeated readings.

An underground classic.