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Magickal Dance
Your Body as an Instrument of Power
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Ted Andrews
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Llewellyn Publications
* Learn over 20 dances and other magickal movements and postures * Dance your prayers into manifestation * Learn the occult significance and power of the body * Make ritual masks and costumes * Perform magickal pantomime to overcome obstacles, heal, strengthen, and energize your body * Dance as a tonic for recuperation.

Choreograph your own evolution through one of the most powerful forms of magickal ritual--Dance. When you let your inner spirit express itself through movement, you call fire your vitality, revive depleted energies, awaken individual creativity, and transcend your usual perceptions.

Directed physical movement creates electrical changes in the body that cause shifts in consciousness. Magickal Dance links the hemispheres of the brain, joining the rational and the intuitive to create balance, healing, strength, and psychic energy.

  • Open and close the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds
  • Begin to shapeshift
  • Create group harmony and power
  • Activate and raise the kundalini
  • Direct consciousness
  • Balance the hemispheres of the brain
  • Awaken the spirit totem
  • Align with planets and other celestial energies through movement
This book describes and illuminates ov·er 20 dances, magickal movements, and postures. Anyone who can move any part of his or her body can perform magickal movement, no formal dance training is required.