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Maps of Consciousness
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Ralph Metzner
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The Macmillan Company
Six guides to growth and individuality. Down the ages, man has devised ways to free his consciousness from exterior limitations. These ancient ways, once known to only a few, have now become routes well-traveled by many modern adventurers. This book shows how to use these ways, and why they operate as 'maps of consciousness'.

I Ching - Revered by the Chinese as the oldest and wisest book in the world, it offers us a momentary glimpse into the world of constancy-in-change.

Tantra - The medieval Indian celebration of the union of male and female energies through the exaltation of sensation perception.

Tarot - The cards that act as ageless, culture-transcending mirrors, resonating to show us unthinkable things within ourselves as they bring us through the nether and upper worlds in a complex journey.

Alchemy - Transforming the 'elements' and binding forces of planetary-cosmic phenomena into finer, higher substances.

Astrology - Revealing the rhythmic cycles of the planets, and how their phases may be experienced by human beings in terms of motion and emotion.

Actualism - Propelling us through the levels of being and consciousness toward the ultimate externalization of God.