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The Marihuana Papers
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David Solomon
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Bobs-Merrill Company
The Marihuana Papers is of great interest to professionals in many areas, and to the public generally. It should be read widely by psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, sociologists, legislators, judges and lawyers, policement -- by all those wishing to understand and cope with the marihuana problem. Mr. Solomon and the publishers are to be congratulated for this valuable compilation, which contains much that is very difficult to obtain elsewhere.

"Every reader will learn something surprising, disconcerting, and, even more often, puzzling about the hemp plant's long, strange, ambivalent association with mankind. Most readers will, I hope, find that some of their preconceptions must be modified or even extensively revised in the light of this excellent book. Mr. Solomon is one of those admirably unobtrusive editors who keeps himself in the background and allows the splendid company he has collected to speak for themselves."
-- Humphry Osmund, MRCS, DPM,
Director, Bureau of Neurology and Psychiatry, New Jersey Neuropsychiatric Institute

"This extraordinarily competent source book on the use, history and pharmacology of Indian hemp reads like a principal valume in a 'Secret History of Civilization.' If officialdom digests its contents, gourmets will be able to add the culture of marihuana to the civilizing pleasures of fine wines and liquors in the art of the good life -- with, one hopes, the same discriminating moderation. Also, I have always thought that Western religions could learn a thing or two from the Hindus."
-- Alan Watts, PhD, President of the Society for Comparative Philosophy.

"This is a very necessary book. The misinformation and unnecessarily harsh regulations of the Federal Narcotics Bureau have subjected the adult user of marihuana to a kind of persecution. In this book we have set down before us the medical and sociological facts about 'pot.' These, of course, have been known by the very few physicians interested in the drug-- but here the facts are collected in convincing black and white. Marihuana, when used in the usual fashion in the United States, is much less dangerous than alcohol and, in the long run, much less toxic than tobacco."
-- Jack L. Ward, MD, President, American Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychodrama; Staff Psychiatrist, Mercer Hospital; formerly Staff Psychiatrist, N.J. State Reformatory at Bordentown.