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Marijuana Legalization
What Everyone Needs to Know
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Author(s) :
Jonathan Caulkins
Angela Hawken
Beau Kilmer
Mark Kleiman
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
2012(pb,1st ed,f)
Publisher :
Oxford University Press
Should marijuana be legalized? Opinion couldn't be more evenly divided; about 50 percent of Americans say "yes." But what does "legalization" mean? Making it legal to use marijuana? Grow it? Sell it? Advertise it? If sales are legal, under what regulations? And with what taxes? Different forms of legalization might have very different results.

Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know provides readers with a non-partisan primer covering everything from the risks and benefits of using marijuana to the current laws, to the open scientific questions. The authors discuss the likely costs and benefits of legalization at the state and national levels and explore the "middle ground" of policy options between prohibition and commercialized production. The book also considers the personal impact of marijuana legalization on parents, heavy users, medical users, employers, and even drug traffickers.

"Here is a book by four leading experts who collaborate in answering questions about marijuana and its possible legalization. Everything you might want to ask, answered crisply and accurately! And the four authors give, at the end, their separate recommendations: they differ, but they've agreed on 149 answers. A remarkable collaboration, and a pioneering format worth emulating."
-- Thomas Schelling, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences