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Marijuana & Social Evolution
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Joel Simon Hochman
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This is not just another book about marijuana. Marijuana use is so widespread--with 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 habitual users in the United States today--that it can no longer be considered an unusual phenomenon, says Joel Simon Hochman, author of this book.

What is really striking, however, is teh social evolution that has accompanied the use of marijuana and other psychedelics. Basing his conclusions upon extensive surveys and literally hundreds of interviews with a wide range of people--from policemen and John Birchers to Synanon graduates, all-out acid freaks, and regular marijuana users--Hochman, a well-known California researcher and psychiatrist, shows that the children of "Woodstock Nation" have disseminated their values and attitudes throughout all regions of the country and all levels of society.

This informative volume presents the stories of Peter, Stephanie, Denise, Alain, and innumerable others to reveal how drugs have influenced their values and life styles and to show how their values are influencing our increasingly polarized society.