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Multidimensional Mind
Remote Viewing in Hyperspace
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Jean Millay
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North Atlantic Books
"Jean Millay's Multidimensional Mind offers the rare opportunity to become a witness to the era of intense parapsychological research in remote viewing and related issues. Jean has worked with all the protagonists, well-known scientists as well as psychics. Through her personal stories, the reader can directly experience the working of the "multidimensional mind" and gain insights traditional science is only reluctant to admit. The numerous illustrations make the book easy to read for scientists who look for documentation as well as the general public who will be delighted by the richness of the material."
-- Ruth-Inge Heinze, Ph.D, Founder of the Universal Dialog Series and the annual International Conference on the Study of Shamanism and Alternative Modes of Healing.

"Multidimensional Mind is the most comprehensive and scientifically authoritative book I have ever read. It is a book suited to readers who are curious about telepathy, the unexplained, the mysteries of the mind and brainpower."
-- Uri Geller (

"Ranging from psychology to physics, from art to intuition, Dr. Millay's remarkable book is a solid contribution to the leading edge of science--the study of consciousness. With observations and experiments going back to the 1960's, this volume deals with such topics as remote viewing and subtle communication. EEG synchronization between subjects is presented in detail. Dr. Millay develops a fresh and independent perspective on this aspect of consciousness that will be useful to scientists and laymen alike."
-- Dean Brown, Ph.D., Theoretical Physicist, Metaphysicist, and Vedic Scholar