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Natural Healing for Women
Caring for Yourself with Herbs, Homoeopathy and Essential Oils
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Susan Curtis
Romy Fraser
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Harper Collins
This vital reference book makes natural health a realistic part of busy stressful lives.

Susan Curtis and Romy Fraser draw on many years' experince in natural medicine to explain the different needs of our energy and repair systems, and the natural healing options now available.

The Repertory of Ailments covers psychological as well as physical ailments - from anxiety to acne, colds to cancer - and explains conventional methods of treatment as well as the benefits of alternative approaches.

The Materia Medica is an A to Z of alternative remedies and treatments, including homeopathy, herbalism, flower remedies and essential oils, with clear instructions on preparation and application.

Lifestyle contains practical and realistic guidelines for improving diet, exercise and sleep patterns, as well as relaxation techniques, a cleansing programme and a natural first aid kit.

These three sections combine to form a unique guide to healing mind, body and spirit.