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Sybil Leek
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Macmillan Co.
Numerology is an urbane and sophisticated modern guide to a wisdom that has thrived for twenty-five centuries, and that today is enjoying a sweeping international revival.

This definitive book clearly explains and demonstrates the basic numerological techniques for the evaluation of personalities and forces and the prediction of events. You can begin to make them work for you with so simple a step as adding together the numbers of your birth date and learning their significance in your life.

Beginning with a fascinating narrative of the beginnings of numerology in the works of Pythagoras and his followers, Numerology pursues every aspect of the occult science of numbers, including numerological analyses of such contemporary figures as Mao Tse-tung, Martin Luther Kin, and Queen Elizabeth II.

The author explains the Fadic system ofn umbers, its alphabetical variants, the harmony of numbers and astrological concepts, and the correlation of numbers with the planets, with colors and shapes, and with types of human personality. She explains, too, the nine cycles of the year, the application of numerological principles to gambling, and how to become a professional numerologist.

Whatever your interest in numerology, you will find this book an intelligent and thorough exploration of an occult wisdom, and a fascinating means of weighing and evaluating the forces and personalities in your past, present, and future.

Sybil Leek, author of the celebrated Diary of a Witch and many other books, is an expert numerologist. Through her numerous books and appearances on television and the lecture platform she enjoys the distinction of being the world's most famous witch.