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On Being Stoned
A Psychological Study of Marijuana Intoxication
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Charles T. Tart
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Science and Behavior Books
"Dr. Tart's studies of marijuana in relation to touch, taste, smell, pleasure, and enhanced sexual enjoyment provide an understanding of why so many otherwise law abiding American citizens risk their freedom to use this illegal drug." -- David E. Smith, Founder, Medical Director, Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic

"A model of systematic scientific work on an urgently important psycho-social problem." -- Gardner Murphy, PhD

"...a careful study of the personal experience encountered when marijuana is used. This important fact sets this book apart from those primarily dealing with the pharmacology, medical implications, social desirability/undesirability, or the legal problems of marijuana, and is the very reason that Dr. Tart's approach breaks new ground in this controversial area." -- Walter N. Pahnke, PhD, Director of Clinical Sciences, Maryland Psychiatric Research Center

"This book will become the standard work on the subjective effets of marijuana." -- John Kaplan, Professor of Law, Stanford University