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The Diary of His Cure
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Jean Cocteau
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Peter Owen
"I do not plead, I merely produce documents, for and against, in the trial of opium."

In this classic study Cocteau vividly describes his extraordinary experiences while taking opium, the drug to which he owed his 'perfect hours' but which, inevitably, exracted its price. Opium also contains reminiscences of some of Cocteau's closest friends, including Nijinsky and Marcel Proust, and provides revealing insights into the creation of such masterpieces as Orphee and Les Enfants terribles. The book is illustrated with Cocteau's own disturbing and powerful drawings.

"Such diamond precision of utterance has seldome been combined with so wide an aesthetic range."
-- Kenneth Tynan, Observer

"Of all Cocteau's notebooks this is the most striking, and it gains much from his harrowing drawings."
-- The Times

"His contribution to the great literature of drug addiction is distinguished by the flashes of insight, the capacity to remember, the observation of the miraculous."
-- Daily Telegraph