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The Outlaw's Bible
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E.X. Boozhie
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Loompanics Unlimited
There are so many statutes on the books in the United States that you simply can't get through a day without breaking some law. For those who anticipate trouble with the law, or who are interested in how criminal justice works in the United States, The Outlaw's Bible is essential reading.

The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, high school civic classes, law schools -- all preach the theory of law. This book shows how it is practiced. It explains what each of our Constitutional guarantees mean, how they have been amplified or nullified by the courts, and how you can expect them to be applied when it comes to your own case.

The Outlaw's Bible contains amazing research into the way Cops and Robbers is played in the United States, without any of the jargon used to obscure the workings of justice. The book provides realistic advice on how to protect yourself in any dealings with the legal system.

"For the non-angles among us, this 'jailhouse lawyer' manual can be a handy reference and eye-opener. Interesting, tasty, and scary."
-- Whole Earth Review

"Excellent and comprehensive treatise by a self-taught con on how to manipulate the law to one's own advantage."
-- Hustler