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Pharmako / Dynamis
Stimulating Plants, Potions & Herbcraft
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Dale Pendell
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Mercury House
In Pharmako/Dynamis, Dale Pendell continues the exploration of psychoactive plants begun in Pharmako/Poeia. Ancient Greek herbalists used the term pharmakodynamis to refer to the intrinsic powers of plants. Pendell covers this topic and more in his new volume, as he charts a voyage around the world of plant teachers and allies. Applying poetry, chemistry, pharmacology, and a generous sprinkling of arcane lore, Pendell wends a stimulating course through the realms of plant powers, potions, and herbcraft. His is a unique adventure that arrives at last at the Ultima Thule of that "dangerous knowledge," which, in the words of Gary Snyder, is a formidable force against "even more dangerous ignorance."

"Dale Pendell, most elegant eloquent writer on drugs because both scientist and poet, has exuded a book as charming as The Compleat Angler or Brillat-Savarin's Physiology of Taste. It will be preserved amongst the scriptures of an entheogenic revival that will recognize the scribe Pendell as an inspired prophet and forerunner."
-- Hakim Bey

"Dale Pendell's books are elegant tapestries of accurate chemistry, pharmacology, and botany, interwoven with rich poetical imagery. I use them as textbooksin a large annual undergraduate class which I teach at the University of California in Berkeley. The students love them!"
-- David Presti, Ph.D., Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley