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Poisonous Plants of California
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Thomas C. Fuller
Elizabeth McClintock
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University of California Press
This highly informative volume describes California's native, naturalized, and cultivated plant species which can be poisonous and describes how to recognize them, where they are found, and what symptoms they produce.

"Provides an excellent starting place to learn about both California native and introduced toxic plants. Although the descriptions of the plants are brief and non-technical, they are accurate and stress the diagnostic characteristics. . . . This book will be useful to anyone with an interest in plant edibility, toxicity, or medicinal qualities. It will be especially useful to naturalists, field biologists, ranchers, emergency room physicians, and veterinarians."
-- Robert Cummings, Madrono, a West American Journal of Botany

"Anyone raising young animals or children shouldn't be without this book."
-- Barbara Saltzman, the Los Angeles Times Book Review

"The basic reference book on plant toxicity and its prevention, an invaluable tool for anyone working with or living near plants."
-- Fremontia