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Psilocybe Mushrooms & Their Allies
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Author(s) :
Paul Stamets
Pages :
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Homestead Book Company
48 full color photographs - scanning electron micrographs - 76 species descriptions - cultivation techniques - new keys to facilitate accurate identification

"This book is far and away the best guide to the psilocybin-containing mushrooms and their relatives. It provides detailed and accurate information about the dark spored agarics, a group of gilled mushrooms difficult to identify and classify. Mycologists and mushroom fanciers, as well as those interested in the psychoactive fungi, will all find this work useful. Its taxonomic keys and excellent color photographs are valuable additions to the literature on mushrooms. I give Psilocybe Mushrooms and Their Allies the highest recommendation."
-- Andrew T. Weil, M.D., Author, The Natural Mind