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The Psychology of Consciousness
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Author(s) :
Robert E. Ornstein
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Penguin USA
"This is a fine, fine book -- lucid, unsmug, amazingly comprehensive, and fascinating....It is a book with a great number of implications--among them that we can all learn how to make use of our whole selves and that anyone who does will find that he is a rich and varied person, full of talents and intelligence and problem-solving abilities. And full of life. Reading The Psychology of Consciousness, I felt over and over that this was the book I had been waiting for."
-- Anthony Hiss, The New Yorker

"This is an original and explosive book. It starts out by making psychology, the science of the mind, what it actually is--as exciting and suspenseful as a good mystery story. It goes on to create an important new model of human consciousness, and human possibilities, and ends by challenging each of us to expand our concept of our world and ourselves. An essential text for cultural transformation."
-- George B. Leonard

"It is an excellent book, and I think it will be a very significant contribution to our knowledge about consciousness. It is written, moreover, in such a way as to appeal to today's students--who are, of course, intensely interested in these subjects."
-- Charles Tart, University of California, Davis