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Real Drugs in a Virtual World
Drug Discourse and Community Online
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Edward Murguía
Melissa Tackett-Gibson
Ann Lessem
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2007(pb,1st ed.,fine)
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Lexington Books
The editors of this pivotal text, Edward Murguía, Melissa Tackett-Gibson, and Ann Lessem elevate the debate about drug use and the Internet from a polemic discourse to a social scientific investigation. The essays confront issues related to the study of drug communication online, including the causal factors of abuse as discussed in online forums, the relationship between music and drug use in virtual communities, and the ways in which individuals assess the accuracy of online drug information. This book highlights the variety of ways to examine drug use as a social problem and presents several theoretical perspectives valuable to online research. Real Drugs in a Virtual World is an enlightening and thought-provoking read that will appeal to sociology students and those interested in virtual communities.

"Edward Murguía, Melissa Tackett-Gibson, and Ann Lessem apply cutting-edge cyber-ethnographic methods toward an understanding of new patterns of drug use, acquisition, and community in the twenty -first century. A must-read for those interested in how the use of online technologies shapes social and personal life and influences the social construction of reality among these emerging drug subcultures."
-- Avelardo Valdez, Professor of Social Work, University of Houston

"Online drug information websites, listservs, and chat rooms all play a crucial role in how young people obtain and share knowledge and experience about illicit drugs. Until now, few researchers have focused on this topic. Real drugs in a Virtual World opens up this new area of research. These essays explore not only the role of the Internet in providing information on illicit drugs, but also the range and variety of topics discussed by the young people themselves. The publication of this book will hopefully encourage other drug researchers to focus more specifically on the role of the Internet in the world of illicit drugs."
-- Geoffrey Hunt, Senior Research Associate, Institute for Scientific Analysis