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Recreational Drugs
Everything You Need to Know About...
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Lawrence A. Young
Linda G. Young
Marjorie M. Klein
Donald M. Klein
et al.
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Collier Books
  • According to government surveys, half the bicentennial graduating high school class has smoked marijuana, and 32 percent consider themselves to be regular users.
  • Department of Defense figures indicate half the enlisted men in our armed forces regularly use drugs.
  • Almost 750,000 Americans are habituated amphetamine users.
  • Eight million Americans have experimented with cocaine.
  • Studies indicate that 85 percent of adolescents who smoke more than one cigarette will become tobacco addicts.
  • Alcohol misuse is responsible for 250,000 deaths in the United States annually. Only cancer and heart disease kill more.
The bottom line is simplye and obvious: More people are using drugs recreationally than ever before. . .This book does not attempt to take a position on drug use. Neither pro nor con, we do realize one thing: Drug experimentation and use is booming. The liklihood that the trend will lessen in the months and years ahead is virtually nil. . . Drugs can kill, but often they do so merely through lack of information. We have tried to provide this information in the form of a complete, accurate, up-to-date, and honest picture of the drugs making the recreational rounds. Some of it may be surprising and contrary to long-held beliefs.