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Sexual Pharmacology
Drugs that Affect Sexual Function
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Theresa Crenshaw
James Goldberg
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W.W. Norton & Co.
"The interaction between drugs and sex is a topic of ever increasing clinical importance, which unfortunately has fallen between the cracks of psychologically oriented sex therapy and medical sexology. Therefore, most physicians, even the best in their fields, have no idea what the medicines they are prescribing are doing to their patients' sex lives, and few non-medical sex therapists are truly knowledgeable about the sexual benefits of hormones or libido-enhancing drugs.

"Drs. Crenshaw and Goldberg have made an immensely important contribution by picking up the slack in this neglected area with their clear, comprehensive, and up-to-date volume on sexual pharmacology. This book belongs in the library of every professional who deals with patients who have sexual complaints and every physician who disperses medications."
-- Helen Singer Kaplan

"Simply the best, most complete reference on this taboo topic that has ever been written. Theresa Crenshaw and James Goldberg have done physicians and patients an immense favor by researching the effects of drugs on sexual functioning in such incredible detail. This book provides practical information on treatment strategies and will enhance people's lives in profound ways."
-- Joe Graedon