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Shaman of Tibet
Milarepa - From Anger to Enlightenment
Rating :
Author(s) :
Winged Wolf
Heather Hughes-Calero
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
Publisher :
Higher Consciousness Books
THIS IS A BOOK FOR EVERY PERSON WHO DESIRES SPIRITUAL HEIGHTS BUT FEARS THEY CAN NEVER REALLY MAKE IT. "Hughes-Calero (Winged Wolf) has a profound understanding of Milarepa, of reality itself, and her words can at times take on a luster and shine in the dark of our despair. There is a paradox within paradox within paradox here culminating in trust and love and acceptance of all states of mind and being. A fine book."
-- The Book Reader

"...a true master work. It has the power to transform the consciousness! While reading it, I found myself completely involved and experienced the feelings and events in which Milarepa was involved. And these experiences brought about a change in me."
-- Bettine Clemen, World Class Flutist

"...a profound spiritual experience. You don't lust read it, you live and realize and grow spiritually from it. Not just a book, but a profound spiritual truth made mantifest."
-- Linda Schwartz, Psychologist

"Once in a while a book turns up in my life that is completely magical; one that while reading it, nothing else exists--not the dog, the dishes or the laundry. [Shaman of Tibet] whisked me away to a different time, place and reality, and I loved every minute of it."
-- Kitty Marini, Spellbound Books