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A Richly Illustrated Voyage Into the Rituals
and Inner Worlds of Shamanism
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Nevill Drury
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Element Inc.
The Element Library is a collection of beautifully illustrated titles on world traditions and beliefs. Each book is a comprehensive introduction to the subject, written by a renowned authority in the field, and richly illustrated with colour images and photographs.

  • The origins of the ancient practice of Shamanism
  • The power of drumming as an aid to visualization
  • The rituals, cosmology and inner world of Shamanism explained
  • Power animals and spirit guides
  • The sacred plants that induce visions
  • Shamanism and its relevance to the Western world

    Shamanism is rooted in the mists of history and its practices are thought to be the longest surviving rituals in which people tried to communicate with their gods. Nevill Drury's beautifully illustrated and authoritatively written guide uncovers the magical world of Shamanism, and illuminates the enigmatic and universal soul of the Shamanic tradition.

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    Nevill Drury is an internationally published author in the fields of mythology and alternative medicine. He has a long-standing interest in the visionary aspects of the magical traditions, and has earned his Master's degree in anthropology for a thesis comparing traditional shamanism and Western magic.