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Shaman's Path
Healing, Personal Growth and Empowerment
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Gary Doore
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The ancient path of shamanism is alive and well in contemporary society. Physicians, therapists, and spiritual seekers are among those who are rediscovering the shaman's methods--such as drumming, visualization, and storytelling--as effective tools for healing and self-transformation. In this collection of previously unpublished writings, leading figures of the neo-shamanism movement explore the origins and practices of shamanism and its relevance to the modern world. Are shamanic healing methods compatible with Western medicine? Can shamanism help in crises or difficult life transitions? Is it relevant to the search for meaning amid the wasteland of industrialization and runaway technology? Wil it help in healing the planet and preventing ecological catastrophe or nuclear holocaust? These are just a few of the questions addressed by Michael Harner, Joan Halifax, Stanley Krippner, Serge King, Jeanne Achterberg, Stanislaf Grof, and twelve other contributors to this comprehensive anthology.

"Shamanism is a disciplined way of getting knowledge and help which is based on teh premise that we do not have to restrict ourselves to working in one reality, on dimension, when we need assistance. There is a whole other reality to help us in our lives -- a reality full of beaty and harmony that is ready to provide us with the same kind of wisdom that we've read about in the writings of the great mystics and prophets. We need only to keep an open mind and make the effort to follow the shaman's path.
-- from a chapter by Michael Harner in Shaman's Path