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Shamans Through Time
500 Years on the Path to Knowledge
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Jeremy Narby
Francis Huxley
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Tarcher / Putnam Books
"Shamans Through Time is a fascinating and compelling five-hundred-year compilation of writings on shamanism that dramatically shows the West's shift from deriding and decrying shamanism as devil worship, hoax, or evidence of psychosis to finally beginning to recognize it as a complete and remarkable system of spiritual knowledge and practice."
-- Michael Harner, Ph.D., author of The Way of the Shaman

"Shamans Through Time is a tour de force. . . . Jeremy Narby and Francis Huxley have culled centuries of literature to demonstrate vividly how Western descriptions of shamans have evolved from their being branded as 'ministers of the Devil' or practitioners of 'hocus-pocus' to their current status as master technicians of ecstasy, healing, and imagination. Narby and Huxley have presented their readers with a valuable gift that will take them on their own shamanic journey through space and time."
-- Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., professor of psychology, Saybrook Graduate School, coauthor of The Mythic Path, and coeditor of Varieties of Anomalous Experience.

"The most comprehensive survey on shamanism ever. . . . It will be a classic reader in the field."
-- Mihaly Hoppal, Director, European Folklore Institute

"As this remarkable book shows, shamanism is one of the most important avenues into the nature of the mind, and no theory of consciousness can be complete that does not take shamanic phenomena into account. Providing a look at the depth and breadth of research in this field, it is perhaps the most comprehensive overview of shamanism currently available. Not least, Shamans Through Time is a reader's delight."
-- Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Reinventing Medicine and Healing Words