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Spirit Circle
A story of adventure & shamanic revelation
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Hal Zina Bennett
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Tenacity Press
Where do you stand in the legendary Web of Life
that connects us each with a higher order?
What part do you play in the evolving Fifth World?

For centuries indigenous peoples have spoken of a secret society of shamans who consult with spirits from another reality. Who are these mysterious oracles? And what makes their teachings more relevant than ever today?

During Tara Fairfield's search for her missing father, she is drawn to a sacred site in New Mexico and initiated into a reality once believed to be only mythological. There a sorceress assigns Tara a mission and gives her an important message to carry back to the modern world.

Through the magic of shamanic storytelling we are transformed. But as we recognize that Tara's mission extends beyond the story, we join her in becoming messengers of a greater meaning and purpose.

You'll discover real magic in this book. In the end you will find shapeshifting instructions to integrate the insights and characters of the story as constant companions on your own spiritual journey.

Like Tara, the author has been guided by prophecies of the world's most ancient spiritual teachers. Inspired by dreams and visions, this book is his way of sharing those teachings with others.

"Takes us face to face with the invisible dimensions of our humanity. A marvelous story, with all the twists and turns deserving of the deeper spiritual mysteries it unfolds. As enchanting as it is deepening and enlightening."
-- Lynn V. Andrews, author of Medicine Woman

"Engaging right from the start . . . like a Tony Hillerman mystery shapeshifted to spiritual odyssey . . . with appeal for readers exploring Earth-based spiritual traditions."
-- Angela Werneke, artist & award-winning illustrator of Medicine Cards

Hal Zina Bennett is the author of over 20 books, including the bestselling Zuni Fetishes: Using Native American Objects for Meditation, Reflection and Insights (a One Spirit Book Club selection), Write From the Heart, Lens of Perception, and Follow Your Bliss, with his wife Susan J. Sparrow. He lives in Northern California and teaches writing seminars throughout the country with Susan. He considers New Mexico, the setting for this novel, his second home.