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Trout's Notes
Ayahuasca and Ayahuasca Alkaloids
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Author(s) :
K. Trout
Pages :
Pub Date :
1997, 1998
Edition(s) at Erowid :
Publisher :
Better Days Publishing
The War on Drugs is more than simply a war on people; It is also a war against accurate information. You CAN fight back: LEARN all that you can.

Trout's Notes are compilations of physical data, abstracts of scientific papers and references material designed to supplement the more general and popular works of ethnobotanical researchers. Whether for education, expanding data bases or as an aid for future research, these Notes provide a wealth of information and references for even more in-depth details.

"What a totally professional, scholarly bunch of work. They are going over to the reference shelf in my library, and now on, they will the place I file bits of information I happen to uncover. This way...I have a single place to go to get a complete story. How can you...get them out to the public which is thirsty for this kind of detail? They would sell like hotcakes if they were known to be available."
-- Sasha Shulgin

"You are doing a great job, as thorough as can be...your work is appreciated by those of us who are real information junkies...very few people have use for so much information...most people are overwhelmed by the pap purveyed by the mass media."
-- Jonathan Ott

"What a great job you are doing...i want MORE."
-- Dale Alexander Pendell

"The book [Trout's Notes Volume 1 : Sacred Cacti] is the one I have been waiting for...Your research experience and compilation seems, to me, very complete. you obviously have a great love for these allies."
-- Leo Mercado (The Peyote Foundation)

Once in a while I stumble across something which just blows me away...Trout's Notes are an impressive collection of notes and summaries of chemical, botanical, pharmacological and ethnobotanical data and abstractions of scientific papers. This isn't just your average regurgitation of what has come before...I can't over-recommend these NOTES!
-- Psychedelic Resource List