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The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience
The First Comprehensive Guide to the Effects of LSD on Human Personality
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R.E.L. Masters
Jean Houston
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Henry Holt & Co
This is a sober and authoritative appraisal of what is currently the most controversial development in the study of human personality. The authors have spent a combined fifteen years in closely controlled and thoroughly documented research with nonaddictive psychedelic drugs, and most particularly with LSD-25 before it was declared illegal. Avoiding the starry-eyed claims and the fiery denunciations of the pro and con factions, this book sheds much new light on the possibilities and the limitations of these drugs, as well as on the techniques for working with them.

"...I consider the book very important and worthwhile. It is all in the right excellent counterbalance to current hysterias; it gives very sound directives for controlling the use of psychedelics instead of merely repressing them."
-- Alan Watts

"Masters and Houston are offering what amounts to a whole new system of psychpathlogy."
-- The New York Times Book Review (front page)

"...The text is authoritative, psychodynamic, multidimensional, and includes case histories of personal growth, as well as the admonition that psychedelic drugs are no panacea for mental ills...This book can be recommended as the best possible introduction to the complexities of the psychedelic (mind manifesting) experience."
-- Jacob H. Conn, M.D. , Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

"This is one of the most interesting and informative books for the general reader which has yet appeared on the psychedelic experience. As entertaining reading, and as background for the important social, scientific, and political questions posed by the Psychedelic Movement, this is a significant book...."
-- Willis W. Harman, Institute for Psychedelic Research, San Francisco State College