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Voices of the Living Grail
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WB DeLong
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Author House
A gripping, page-turning chronicle, Voices presents a dazzling display of drama, adventure, and suspense as it illuminates compelling mysteries the church can no longer surpress.

Voices of the Living Grail is a spiritual adventure that takes place in a 13th century European kingdom ruled by Grail decendants. The high-spirited story involves Parsus and his band of troubadours, charged with the protection of the Grail family. It is they who keep the knowledge and spirit of the Grail alive against the backdrop of the Inquisition. The Grail kingdom, with King Merovech and the beautiful Princess Alphania, is challenged by the power, greed, and subterfuge of Cardinal Penzinar, sent by Rome to oversee the workings of the Inquisition. Opposing the Cardinal is a mysterious ageless teacher named Saramontus, who has traveled the world gathering wisdom from many sources, enriching the plot with inspiration, mysticism, and magic.

WB DeLong is a student of human consciousness and spiritual paths. He was a San Francisco neurosurgeon for over thirty years, and now lives in North Central Idaho with his wife and their four dogs.